• Wellsite supervision & gas detection for vertical & horizontal wells
  • Two man horizontal wellsite teams
  • Graphics package
  • Sample and core photography
  • Petrographic sample logging & core analysis (Core Storage Center or in-house)
  • Operations management for multi-well projects

Well Report Examples

Compliance with APEGGA, APEGS, NAPEG:

Wellsite Geologists Inc. employs Wellsite Supervisors which fall under 3 categories

  1. Geologists with accreditation from a recognized University (Degree type posted)
  2. Technicians with accreditation from a recognized Techical College (Technical Certification posted)
  3. Wellsiters who have come in with years of wellsite experience (posted without professional certification or designation implied)

Each individual working for Wellsite Geologists Inc. has been trained specifically for doing Wellsite supervision or has been hired based on their existing supervisory experience. Each Consultant is carefully monitored and supervised and their Wellsite Reports professionally edited. To maintain compliance with APEGGA, APEGS, and NAPEG, our policy is to hire only personel with professional degrees or technical certification from accredited institutions who can qualify for P.Geol. or P.Tech.. To be fair, un-certified individuals already working with Wellsite Geologists Inc. are "Grandfathered" in because of their extensive past experience and are in compliance by submitting their work and maintaining contact with a professional in the office.

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